PRO-TECH SOLUTIONS is a computer and IT support company located in Brenham, TX. While we are proud to call Brenham home, we offer our services to individuals, private organizations, and businesses in Washington and all neighboring counties.


We understand the apprehension that can surround the process of selecting the right company to provide needed services. "Will the people I interact with be competent, honest, and respectful?" "Can I trust them with my property and potentially sensitive information?" "If I require on-site support, will I feel at ease with the individual working in my home or office?"


Our technician is fully qualified and certified in the following areas by the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA): computer and peripheral troubleshooting, system repair, network design / implementation / troubleshooting, and cybersecurity. These certifications require continuing education, which ensures that technician knowledge remains up-to-date. Our technician will happily present copies of certifying documents and a background check upon your request.

Customer Comes First

Our goal is to provide truly exceptional customer service. We will always strive to accommodate your schedule by completing our work as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality. We aim to create a lasting relationship with our customers by making their best interests our first priority and exceeding their expectations.

Act With Integrity

In a small community, every customer is a neighbor. Our success depends on building a positive reputation, and we believe that demonstrating our personal integrity will create that reputation naturally. We hold ourselves and our work to the highest standard, and our expectations of ourselves are greater than anyone else's.

Communicate Well

Problem-solving depends upon careful communication. We will listen to your problems and questions intently. We will communicate with respect and kindness. We will speak in a manner that is easily understood by leaving out confusing jargon. With excellent communication, we can reach a mutual understanding and begin to work toward a solution.

As our customer, you can expect us to adhere to the following principles:


Computer System
General System Service

Computers can be a great tool, but they can also be a liability and major source of frustration when not functioning properly. Our services include, but are not limited to: system "tune-ups", virus removal, peripheral setup / troubleshooting, failed part replacement, system back-up / restoration, and secure data destruction. We can diagnose and offer solutions to almost any problem that may arise. Depending on the problem, many repair services can be completed on-site.

Training Conference
Training & Instruction

Computers and mobile devices require significant financial investment, but most people never consider training as essential for full utilization of their system's capabilities. Whether you need a private session to learn the basics, or represent a group or business, we offer customized training matched to your goals and desired pace. If you want to improve your skills with or broaden your knowledge of Windows, iPhone, or Android systems, we can help.

Ethernet Cable
Networking & Security

Every day, malicious people around the world work tirelessly to illegally access and harm computers and networks just like yours. Experts estimate that over 73% of Americans have fallen victim to a cyberattack in the past 3 years. Without regular security maintenance, your personal data and identity grows more and more vulnerable with time. We are trained and certified to identify security weaknesses and help prevent your systems from becoming compromised.

IT Management

Computers have become an increasingly critical part of today's business world. The loss of efficiency and capability caused by a computer system outage can halt company operations and jeopardize profitability. We can provide routine preventive maintenance, perform regular system backups, configure standby systems, and deliver prompt service to meet your requirements. The services we offer can help mitigate a catastrophic failure, turning what would have been a disaster into a minor hiccup. 

Connected Home

If you are interested in learning more about technology available for your home, we are here to be your guide. Connected thermostats and appliances can save money, reduce waste, and improve comfort. Networked alarms, cameras, and smoke / CO detectors can maximize safety and security. Smart TVs, video streaming, and home theater systems can enhance your entertainment experience with less hassle and cost. We can assess your goals, provide advice, and integrate devices into your home. 

Upgrade Assistance

Eventually, every computer and operating system reaches the end of its lifespan. Navigating the tech marketplace can be intimidating, however, a quick discussion about your needs can help us make recommendations that will satisfy your requirements and save you from spending too much on features you won't use. Options can include upgrades to your current system, or help selecting a new one. If you purchase a new system, we will set it up for you as part of a custom upgrade assistance service.

Our aim is to be your primary resource for any technology-related concern.
If your specific need is not listed above, please do not hesitate to call.


On-Site Support
(Your Location)
$100 / Hour
We will happily drive to your home or place of business and conduct diagnosis, troubleshooting, and/or repair at your location. On-Site support can greatly reduce the downtime you may experience due to a component failure or software issue.

Normal Business Hours

Mon-Fri   8:00a-5:00p

After Hours Service
To better serve our clients, all services are offered 24/7/365, subject to availability.
For service outside of normal business hours, the following rate multipliers apply:
Evenings (Mon - Thurs)                       x 1.25
Weekends (Fri 5:00p - Sun)                 x 1.50
Holidays                                               x 2.00
Off-Site Support
(Our Location)
Request Quote
If you are budget-conscious or don't need your system repaired immediately, Off-Site services are offered at flat rates and are normally completed within 24 hours.
With Off-Site Support, your property remains securely stored, operated, and repaired at our facility, protected by physical, environmental, and network security. 
When diagnosis, troubleshooting, repairs, or upgrades are performed at PRO-TECH's location, free pickup and delivery are provided as a courtesy.


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